Obsess virtual stores help brands and retailers transform their brand storytelling.


Obsess is the leading virtual store platform that creates immersive e-commerce experiences for brands, using patented 3D technology.

Obsess virtual stores for fashion brands and retailers.

Transform your digital experience with our innovative virtual environments that bring together the best of online and in-store shopping, generating measurable engagement and facilitating greater product discovery.

Obsess virtual stores for Beauty brands and retailers.

Create greater engagement and brand loyalty through advanced beauty industry technology that has enabled the biggest beauty brands to establish revenue-generating, online virtual storefronts.

Obsess virtual stores for CPG and consumer brands and retailers.
Consumer Goods

Give consumers a contextual, immersive environment to shop and discover products—driving increased brand engagement. Enable shoppers to purchase seamlessly through multi-retailer checkout.

Obsess virtual stores and experiences and Media & Entertainment brands and companies.
Media & Entertainment

Tap into a new sponsorship format, or elevate merchandising for branded products through innovative, fan-centric virtual stores that extend community engagement.

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading brands and retailers to create more than 350 AI-powered virtual stores and experiences.


By launching our virtual store, we are truly operating as an omnichannel business to bring our customers rich and immersive experiences whenever and wherever they meet the brand.

Corinne Suchy, Chief Growth & Technology Officer

It takes five to seven touchpoints with the American Girl brand before a customer makes a purchase. That’s why having rich virtual content is worth investing in…it adds another interactive element to our brand.

Debbie Haag, Vice President of Marketing

People are looking for more than just products on a shelf. They want to learn about our brand’s story, the narrative. That’s what we’ve built with Obsess.

Giovanni Zaccariello, SVP of Global Visual Experience


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Obsess is the leading experiential e-commerce platform enabling brands and retailers to serve immersive and highly interactive 3D virtual experiences that drive conversion, customer engagement, and brand loyalty amongst a new generation of gaming-fluent consumers. Obsess uses its proprietary virtual shopping platform and VR/AR technology to enable brands and retailers to set up 3D 360 digital storefronts on their websites.

© 2024 Obsess, Inc. all rights reserved.