Learn why retail and brand leaders are placing so much emphasis on virtual stores in 2021 and how they've been using virtual stores to create a discovery-driven online shopping experience. Get your copy to find out why experiential is now critical for e-commerce.

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What to know about virtual stores

"Obsess-powered virtual stores are fully integrated with the brand’s e-commerce website, meaning that product prices and availability are current, but that’s largely where the similarities to traditional e-commerce end. Brands are fundamentally rethinking their online presence beyond the purely functional. Instead of repetitively emphasising speed and convenience, they’re adding in a type of surprise and delight. Virtual stores blend fantastical details with familiar elements."

Virtual Stores Present New Experiences to Shoppers

"Obsess virtual stores let consumers browse an online rendering of an actual store, re-created down to the music that consumers would hear there. The virtual edition is a way to introduce new customers to the company's retail experience."

A Virtual Store Experience That Will Change Shopping Forever

"With the virtual store program, our goal was to reimagine the experience of walking into and shopping our retail stores. For the first time, anyone, anywhere in the world can literally step into some of our most iconic retail stores, and actually shop - it's pretty incredible. The program has already proven success increasing foot traffic through virtual visits by over 10x, with thousands of customers visiting every day."