How Virtual Stores Can Reduce Cost: Infographic

Virtual stores bring the immersive, shopping experience of a brick-and-mortar retail store to you digitally. This infographic compares the differences of a traditional retail store to a virtual store in terms of:

  • Opening and operating costs
  • Time/prep it takes to open
  • Audience reach


How American Girl is Bringing its Flagship Store Experience to the World — Virtually

For American Girl the results have been clear, with high traffic across both experiences, strong engagement and solid click-through rates. The ultimate aim of these 3D virtual spaces is to create an element of discovery that’s been missing from the online shopping experience. “It’s more like a real store experience,” explained Singh. “This is about increasing the ROI on your retail investment, because now a much wider audience can see it, they can experience a store without having to physically go to the store.”

Retailers turning to virtual shopping platform Obsess

What we are really looking at is a much broader application, where it is not just about driving foot traffic to retail stores, but is really about bringing those experiences together and bringing that in a much more accessible way to customers where they already are. They used to use it for store openings, for pop-up stores, which would show the experience and the services that they offer in store, and then elongate the life, actually increase the investment on the real estate, because now a larger audience can see the experience that you have built.