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Virtual Store Spotlight: Babylist Beverly Hills Showroom

In a bid to revolutionize the baby registry experience, Babylist introduced their latest virtual experience—a replica of their Beverly Hills showroom. This two-floor, multi-room photorealistic store introduces a host of interactive features designed to enhance the registry creation process. 

A standout highlight of the experience is the interactive map, designed to guide users through its extensive layout. As users navigate through the store, the progress bar advances to visually mark their journey through different sections, ensuring an intuitive and engaging experience. Upon entering, visitors have the opportunity to schedule in-person appointments, as well as the chance to take part in a sweepstakes for a $500 gift card.

The extensive range of products range from Apparel, Sleep and Travel categories, all accompanied by detailed product descriptions. Shoppers have the convenience of adding these items directly to their registries, streamlining the overall experience. What distinguishes this shopping journey is the social media integration. Throughout the store, users will find strategically placed YouTube How-To tutorials and captivating TikTok videos, spotlighting trending products and influencers.

Babylist Virtual Store: Products and Social Media Integration

The experience further elevates visitor interactions with gamification. For soon-to-be parents, the AI-driven “Baby Name Generator” is a tool that assists in the quest for the perfect baby name. “Guess The Price” is quiz that engages users by determining their level of Babylist expertise. Players are given one change to accurately guess product prices, while also giving them the convenience of adding the same products directly to their registry.

Babylist Virtual Store: Gamification

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