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Top 3 Ways Beauty Brands Drive Engagement in Virtual Stores

The beauty industry is consistently leaning into innovation by adopting new technologies. From VR/AR technology, such as virtual try-ons, to gamified experiences—modern beauty selling is customer-centric and focused on engagement. 

Obsess is home to the largest portfolio of virtual stores amongst beauty brands. These forward-thinking brands are changing virtual reality retail shopping in the beauty industry with interactive features in their virtual stores. Here are the top 3 features proven to drive engagement in beauty virtual stores.

Branded Gamification

seek-and-find game featuring hair combs set in a chic virtual salon

Custom gamification flows such as seek-and-find games are primed for driving exploration and product discovery. On average, pages per session increase by 513% for our Beauty partners when they include a scavenger hunt game in their virtual stores.

Several beauty brands also opt to include discounts or gifts with purchase upon game completion—incentivizing shoppers to complete their transactions. For one brand, winning the scavenger hunt led to an exclusive gift, which had a 100% claim rate within the first week of launch.

Custom Quizzes

    personalized quiz providing product recommendations from the brand's beauty line

    Custom quizzes allow brands to collect first-party data, which prompt shoppers to fill in their skin types, color preferences, and more. Shoppers are presented with personalized product recommendations in their results, similarly to how a sales associate would recommend products in a physical retail store. Quizzes can also encourage exploration by providing recommendations of rooms to visit in the virtual experience. 

    Quizzes encourage upsells by enabling shoppers to effortlessly add all recommended products to their bag. One brand utilized the quiz feature to present its shoppers with a custom skincare routine, based on each shopper’s individual skin concerns and goals.

    Branded Avatars

      Branded Avatar customization allowing users to customize their avatar with the brand's latest makeup looks featured in their campaign

      Branded Avatar technology brings the best of gaming and the metaverse directly to your E-commerce website.

      3D Branded Avatars enable brands and retailers to create their own metaverse directly on their websites and provide shoppers with an immersive, social, and branded virtual environment. One brand partner created glamorous avatars based on their campaign ambassadors—their shoppers could customize their personal avatars with full makeup looks and runway-ready outfits. 

      Consumers that customize these walking, talking, bespoke brand characters spend more time in stores and have a higher propensity to proceed to checkout. This innovative new functionality further personalizes the virtual store experience and deepens customer relationships with the brand.

      a seek-and-find game featuring animated butterflies set in a which bathroom housing a multitude of beauty products

      Up-level your virtual store engagement with interactive features that have proven their impact in beauty, such as gamification, quizzes, and Branded Avatars. Email us at to meet with the Obsess team and learn more about increasing consumer engagement through virtual stores.



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