Crocs virtual Jibbitz experience powered by Obsess, with 3D clog model and Jibbitz charms

Virtual Store Spotlight: The Crocs Virtual Jibbitz Experience

Obsess Partners with Crocs to Launch New Jibbitz Virtual Store and First-Ever 3D Customizer

Obsess recently collaborated with longtime partner Crocs, the world leader in casual footwear, to unveil a new virtual shopping experience known as the Crocs Jibbitz Experience. This innovative venture is centered around self-expression, personalization, gamification, and education—providing a platform to showcase Crocs’ iconic Jibbitz™ charms. The highlight of this immersive experience is the groundbreaking 3D Jibbitz Customizer, a feature engineered by Obsess that allows consumers to create their own unique pair of Crocs adorned with Jibbitz™ charms, which can be directly purchased within the virtual environment.

Crocs Virtual Jibbitz Customizer for Personalization

The partnership between Obsess and Crocs has flourished over the past year, fostering a shared commitment to innovation and the exploration of virtual technologies. The introduction of the Jibbitz Customizer exemplifies the successful collaboration, offering customers unparalleled creative freedom to personalize their Crocs like never before. Jibbitz™ charms have always been a gateway to self-expression through style, and the advanced virtual customization technology developed by Obsess takes this experience to new heights, making it accessible and infinitely imaginative.

The Jibbitz Experience is the result of Crocs’ third virtual store collaboration with Obsess. This virtual wonderland encompasses five distinct departments, each dedicated to a unique assortment of Jibbitz. From Letters to Food, Animals, and more, there is a realm to cater to every charm lover’s desires. While exploring the experience, visitors can partake in an engaging arcade-style claw machine game, allowing them to collect virtual Jibbitz and even win physical ones for only a penny.

Create custom Crocs with personalized Jibbitz charms through the virtual store.

Embedded within the entire experience is a seamless link to the Jibbitz Customizer. This interactive tool showcases lifelike 3D replicas of Jibbitz™ charms and Crocs in various sizes for both men and women. With the ability to add up to 26 different 3D charms to their selected clog model, customers can curate a truly personalized design. Once the perfect creation is achieved, a straightforward purchasing process enables customers to acquire their customized product. The Jibbitz Customizer plays a pivotal role in educating consumers about the extensive range of Jibbitz™ charms available for purchase, while simultaneously showcasing how to apply and style them on Crocs’ renowned clog product.

Accessible via mobile and desktop web platforms, the Jibbitz Experience beckons fashion enthusiasts and Crocs fans alike. Step into a world where fashion seamlessly intertwines with technology, as Obsess and Crocs redefine self-expression, elevate personal style, and offer an extraordinary shopping adventure.



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