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Virtual Store Spotlight: Neostrata Metaverse Experience

Neostrata, a leading skincare brand part of the Kenvue portfolio of brands from Johnson & Johnson, launched their virtual experience to introduce new consumers to the brand in a way that stands out in a hypercompetitive market. The experience takes users on a journey through the science of skincare, empowering shoppers through education.

The play-centric, multi-floored experience is immersive and engaging, bolstering storytelling through contextual environments and interactive content. On the top floor, a virtual skincare avatar concierge  welcomes shoppers to learn how different environments affect their skin. Users can virtually enter different Environment layers to learn how they can protect themselves against elements such as air pollution and the sun. They can then test their newfound knowledge and unlock special offers such as discount codes and free products with purchase. 

Users can also go to the tranquil, spa-like Lifestyle layer to learn how different lifestyle choices affect their skin. Similar to the Environment layer of the experience, if visitors answer a series of questions correctly, they can earn free items or discounts on their next purchase. On another floor in the experience, consumers can explore the different ingredients in Neostrata products—from retinoids to Vitamin C, users can learn how popular skincare ingredients will impact their skin concerns. 

The experience is also personalized; visitors in the virtual experience can take a custom quiz to address their skin concerns and goals, and receive product recommendations tailored to their individual needs. Users can access the quiz in the gift shop, where another avatar guides users through the shop. 

Neostrata’s interactive, never-before-seen virtual experience empowers their consumers with increased education and personalized product recommendations. Download the Neostrata case study to discover how Neostrata’s Obsess-powered metaverse experience positioned the brand as a disruptor in the skincare industry. 

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