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Virtual Store Spotlight: The Laneige Virtual World

A New Way to Shop Skincare

Laneige, the Korean beauty brand known for its innovative lip masks and skincare products, recently launched a new virtual store powered by Obsess. The store is a dreamy 360 cloudscape, which enables shoppers to explore Laneige’s products and brand story in a fully immersive context.

laneige virtual skincare store by obesss - lip love land

The virtual store is designed to resemble a lush garden, and it features a variety of different rooms — each of which is dedicated to a different Laneige product line. Shoppers can interact with the products in a variety of ways, including viewing products in 3D, and learning about their ingredients and applications through interactive media and tutorials.

Notable Features

The Laneige Virtual World uses a combination of custom and out-of-the box features from the Obsess virtual store platform, including:

laneige virtual skincare store by obsess featuring sydney sweeney

Guided Navigation

Consumers can click through the store map of this cotton candy-colored virtual experience to discover Laneige skincare products for everyday use, and uncover exclusive media content. 


The store features a scavenger hunt style game, which encourages users to click through multiple rooms and view points in order to uncover hidden icons. If a user collects all hidden icons, they are rewarded with a gift with purchase.

Photorealism and 360 Video

From the subtle waves of water, to the 360-degree motion of a Lip Sleeping Mask carousel — the Laneige virtual store is punctuated with animations and 360-degree videos that make digital shopping akin to an IRL experience.

Seamless Add To Cart

Obsess integrated with the brand’s e-commerce platform, Shopify, so that shoppers can easily add products to cart and purchase them without having to leave the virtual world.

Marketing Campaign Content

Videos from actress and Laneige campaign ambassador Sydney Sweeney can be found lining the walls of the experience with her own personal testimonials of the products—a treat for fans turned Laneige evangelists.

The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool

The Laneige Virtual World marries a cult-favorite beauty brand’s whimsical heritage with technological innovation. The result? An always-on brand storytelling channel — designed to increase time spent, interactions and brand loyalty above all else.

laneige virtual store by obsess - waterbank room

“The virtual store is a powerful customer engagement tool that will allow shoppers to dive into Laneige’s unique scientific expertise and entertaining digital content, while also helping them select the right product for their skin needs,” said Julien Bouzitat, Chief Marketing Officer of parent company AmorePacific U.S.

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