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Virtual Stores for the Alcohol and Spirits Industry

Obsess is reinventing the way alcohol brands engage their consumers. Through our virtual experiences, alcohol and spirits brands can meet their customers online with immersive environments accessible via web or mobile, and create new ways to maximize event sponsorships, or host online events.

Brands can build a branded virtual experience hosted on their websites for consumers to learn more about their brand, join exclusive events or purchase products from a multitude of retailers. By integrating with alcohol retailer’s sites through multi-retailer checkout, brands’ e-commerce platforms or alcohol delivery services like Drizly—alcohol brands can facilitate convenient purchases and ensure a seamless user buying experience. 

Obsess virtual stores empower alcohol brands to engage their target audience on a deeper level in an immersive and interactive environment. Brands can take their consumers through their production processes and guide them through their facilities—for example, capturing the beauty of a vineyard or distillery. 

Alcohol brands can also use virtual stores to maximize their sponsorship strategy, complimenting their partner assets with engaging content, gamified experiences or transportative audio and playlists—increasing brand recognition for their partners. 

Obsess virtual stores have the ability to incorporate social commerce features such as live streaming capabilities, Shop with Friends, Branded Avatars and more. These virtual experiences serve as a way to host exclusive events, enabling alcohol brands to double down on customer loyalty efforts. For example, Corona Premier used their Virtual Clubhouse to host an exclusive sweepstakes for their consumers, taking one lucky winner on an all-inclusive trip to the 2023 US Open. Alcohol brands can also host tasting events or promotional events when releasing new flavors to strengthen their community. 

Unlock new possibilities in the world of alcohol by embracing technology with immersive experiences, and enhance brand engagement.

To learn more about how Obsess virtual stores can be used to engage your community of consumers, contact our team at or book a demo.



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© 2024 Obsess, Inc. all rights reserved.